Clean your clipboard text with ease

TextScrub removes all formatting from text on your clipboard. It scrubs away all font-related styling, leaving only pure clipboard text, ready for pasting. Additionally it can also normalize white spaces, remove tabs or empty lines, and you can even set up your own text substitutions.

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Here’s how it works

It's super simple! Instead of doing a copy-paste, you just copy-scrub-paste.
TextScrub lives on the status bar and you can invoke it with a simple click or by your own custom hotkey.

Copying text from Safari,
pasting it to Mail
Copying text from Pages,
pasting it to InDesign
Copying text from Word,
pasting it to a code editor
Without TextScrub
With TextScrub

Removes images

Removes formating

Normalises whitespaces

Replace by presets

Removes bullets

Deletes empty lines


It's Fast

Utilities should speed up your workflow, not slow it down. We created TextScrub to be small, hard-working and agile with barely any memory footprint. No memory hogs here oink-oink...

It’s Clever!

TextScrub's main feature is removing styling (color, font, etc.) from text copied to the clipboard, but it can do so much more! Other features include the ability to remove unnecessary spaces, tabs and line breaks. It can even remove bullet points when copying formatted lists!

It Sings and Blings!

Personality goes a long way. TextScrub's icon lights up when it's busy and even makes a little scrubbing sound while at work. But since we love listening to music as much as you do, it also has a mute option. Psst, try clicking on the icon at the top.

It's Contemporary!

TextScrub is not only smart but has the looks too! It's crisp and sexy on your nice Retina display and also best friends with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.


TextScrub Preferences window